District 2

A new approach to residential zoning - As a city, we’ve spent much of the previous 8 years easing the development process for large, commercial property owners along El Camino Real, in downtown, and in the Bayfront area. But there hasn’t been any such effort for residents. I’m committed to creating a more streamlined process for homeowners who are on substandard lots. They often face an unnecessarily daunting and expensive process when proposing renovations. In my plan, homeowners would no longer have to appear before the planning commission when there are letters of support from adjacent property owners and/or there’s no neighborhood objection.

Preserving our neighborhood streets - Maintaining neighborhood streets as a safe place for residents, and especially kids, will be one of my top priorities. As a member of city council, I’ll make sure that efforts to address high-speed, commuter traffic in neighborhoods like the Willows aren’t burdened by multi-year long studies or the requirement for multiple petition drives. I’ll also be focused on making the temporary measures to combat cut-through traffic in the Willows permanent. The city was too slow in responding to issues of cut-through traffic in the Willows. And, in the end, the proposed fixes such as preventing right turns on to Willow Road during peak commute times was the result of grassroots efforts.

Making sure our parks work for us - While every resident of Menlo Park can claim ownership of the city’s parks equally, Willow Oaks Park is the only city park in the 2nd district. As we’re in the middle of a city-wide master plan for parks, there needs to be a more tailored process so residents can share their vision for Willow Oaks Park and how it can become a gathering spot for the community.

A cohesive plan for the Willow Road corridor - In some respects, key stretches of Willow Road seems like an afterthought. There’s a long-vacant building and several commercial structures that are near the end of their lifespan. If I’m elected to city council, I’ll bring together residents, city leaders, and Willow Road business and property owners together to think about what we want this corridor to become and whether a special zoning district would help ensure that this vision becomes a reality.

Good Governance

Bringing transparency to the city council - I’m committed to implementing a measure that requires councilmembers to publicly disclose when they meet with anyone who has business before the city. This requirement was proposed last year, but most members of the current city council didn’t support it. I believe that Menlo Park needs a policy like this, and I’ll bring it back before city council and vote for it.

Being accessible and engaged - One of my top priorities is being available to residents. If elected, I promise to create a 2nd district neighborhood council that will provide a forum for residents to raise issues of concern and propose initiatives aimed at enriching our neighborhoods and city. Additionally, I promise to conduct bi-weekly office hours so there’s a standing place and time where the residents can easily share matters that are important to them.

A commitment to ethics and integrity - As a member of city council, I’ll be 100% focused on representing the communities and residents of the 2nd district. I’m not interested in being the “Silicon Valley person” at international conferences and other events that offer complimentary travel. If elected, I pledge that I won’t accept any offers of free travel and will pay for any trips out of my own pocket. When public officials seem willing to trade the prestige of their positions for complimentary perks, there’s an erosion of public trust.

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